How To Build a Keyword Matrix

If built and used properly a keyword matrix can increase your rankings and your keyword spread exponentially.

Keyword matrices have traditionally been used for paid search, but also have far reaching implications for organic search; essentially using other factors of influence to help qualify and quantify your opportunities.

So, What is a Keyword Matrix?

Unlike the virtual world built by the Wachowski brothers, the idea is relatively simple, a matrix is a 2-dimensional table that enables you to cross reference two aspects, and analyze opportunities – with the potential to slice and layer additional information on top for deeper analysis.

When applied to keywords, it gives you 2 axises from which to gauge different qualitative heuristics.

Michael Martinez discusses passive versus active keyword matrices, putting the emphasis on purpose; a passive matrix records keyword data that other websites are using, where as an active matrix is used as a design template for your website and content.

I am going to be taking a different approach to defining and building keyword matrices for organic search.

I want to look at search intent versus search volume and search volume versus SERP competitiveness. These 2 scenarios are very interesting because the first is an inverse relationship, and the latter is linear.

Here’s a look at the relationship between search volume vs. user intent:search volume vs intent

Query complexity tends to also have an inverse relationship with search volume; as complexity decreases (from long-tail to head), search volume tends to increase.

In the graph above you can see how search volume steadily decreases as intent increases (thus the inverse relationship), and again, it is usually the case that the query length (and complexity) increase in relation to intent.

Now look at the relationship between search volume and SERP competitiveness:

Not surprisingly the higher the search volume, the more competitive the SERP. Now let’s overlay intent segments over the search volume versus search intent correlation graph:

Looking at this further – this starts to lay out what your matrix will look like.

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