Google Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Changes

The Google Algorithm Changes tool shows fluctuations in the Google search results. It matches these with recent algorithm updates, showing their impact on both the rankings and the visibility of the websites included in the data set.

The changes are calculated from the rankings of approximately 10,000 keywords and 500,000 URLs, across various industries. The data is updated daily and shows the severity of the changes.

The Overall section shows the Ranking changes factor, which is computed using a proprietary algorithm. The Top 10-50 sections show the number of websites that have had their rankings changed (compared to the previous date) and the percentage (how many websites were affected from the total number of websites). The more websites are affected, the higher the importance of the algorithm update.

Depending on the number and severity of ranking changes, the bar chart color changes from  green (fewer changes) to  yellow (moderate changes) and  red (major changes).

The  blue line shows the organic visibility of all the websites that we track in AWR Cloud. If the organic visibility increases, it means that, on average, the websites we track are experiencing higher rankings in Google search results.

Building a website and throwing it out on the web means nothing unless it gets in front of people that are interested in what you have to offer.

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Google Algorithm Changes

The Google Algorithm Changes tool shows fluc…